What is a domain name and do i really need it?

What is a domain name and do i really need it?

Domain name definition

A domain name is a name given to the location of your website. The location of the website is the server where the website files are stored. In more technical terms, domain name is the human readable version of the IP address given to your server container by the hosting partner like Zimhero. Without a domain name, your website URL will be hard to remember and to visit. Imaging having to remember as the location of a website.  Nobody would visit that. 

What is an IP address

An ip address is the unique identifier of every device on the internet.  It is a 32 bit numeric address. For websites, an IP address is the address of the network hardware.

So when you want people to view your website on the internet, you need to buy a domain name, company.co.zw and find a hosting partner. 

Where to buy a domain name in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a lot of domain registration companies. Some are expensive and some are cheap. If you're a company and wishes to buy a local domain name i.e co.zw domain, search for your domain name here and you can buy it for just RTGS50 per year.  Zimbabwe domain registration is the cheapest in Zimbabwe and allows you to manage your domain name easily. 

A developer can also buy domain names as a reseller. Zimbabwe domains dashboard allows you to buy as many domain names as you want and earn credits to register your domain names for free.

Domain name prices in Zimbabwe

Buy your .co.zw domain name for RTGS50 only and international domain name at RTGS600 only. Our  prices are for re-sellers and cheap for developers

Affordable domain name registration pricing table in Zimbabwe.

ExtensionYearsRegistration (RTGS)Renewal(RTGS)Transfer(RTGS)

How to choose a domain name .co.zw vs .com

Domain names work the same regardless of the extension. However, some extensions have more authority in the eyes of internet users. The .com domain names are considered international and generally good as compared to the .co.zw domain name which is considered Zimbabwean. If you're aiming for the local Zimbabwe market, .co.zw is the best domain. But if you want to go for the international market it's better to choose the .com or other international domain extensions.